‘Reborn Rich’ Episode 16 Recap: Reborn Rich Ending Explained


What is the Ending of the Reborn Rich? The surprise narrative twist involving Yoon Hyun Woo and Jin Do Joon is one of the highlights of “Reborn Rich” episode 16. Yoon Hyun Woo awoke from the botched murder attempt in the opening scene of “Reborn Rich” episode 16 after the third-generation chaebol was involved in an automobile accident before the announcement ceremony.

It found out that the person who protected him from Soonyang following the planned killing of him while in Istanbul was Prosecutor Seo Min Young. Seo Min Young revealed the truth regarding his final memories as a Soonyang employee when Yoon Hyun Woo awoke in a hospital.

Yoon Hyun Woo’s testimony against the corporation as a victim and witness was something Seo Min Young sought. Sadly, he was met at the airport by officials who accused Yoon Hyun Woo of embezzling 700 million USD, but Yoon Hyun Woo fled. To find out who was responsible for Jin Sung Joon’s death, he went to see Soonyang authorities and the adviser.

He believes, nonetheless, that Jin Sung Joon, Soonyang’s oldest grandchild, was the brains behind it. He surrendered to prosecutor Seo Min Young and volunteered to provide a statement as evidence of this. Additionally, Mr. Yoon learned that the female prosecutor was anxious to shed light on the issue because she was engaged to Jin Do Joon and had vowed to provide him with the justice he deserves.

Yoon Hyun Woo testified at the investigation, explaining why he believes the eldest grandchild was the mastermind. He thought back to his days working at Soonyang Motor and being told to operate a vehicle. But Jin Do Joon became complicit when his car struck the truck. It turned out that the current chairman, Jin Young Ki, was the one who gave the order.

The Soonyang official gave Yoon Hyun Woo a job at the main office in an effort to prevent him from telling the truth. He took the offer with the intention of obeying all management instructions because he was unable to attend college and wanted to lift his family out of poverty. He confessed this in the present while conducting the investigation, blaming Jin Sung Joon for being his father’s helper.

His admission resolved the issue surrounding Jin Do Joon’s passing. The conglomerate’s top executives, including the direct heirs, resigned from their posts. Yoon Hyun Woo interprets his admission as an act of contrition for his involvement in Jin Do Joon’s demise in the end.

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Did Do Jun Die?

He was indeed killed there and there, and Hyun Woo returned to his own body. In Turkey in the year 2022, he opened his eyes. It turned out that he was saved by Min Young. When he returns to South Korea with his memories of his former life still intact, he learns that he was the bait used to try to frame him for embezzlement in order to escape problems.

Why Did Hyun Woo  Killed Do Jun?

Jin Young-Ki gave the order to kill Do Jun. It was revealed that Jin Young-Ki had instructed Kim Joo-Ryun to see to it that everything was taken care of on the day that Do Jun passed away. This entailed sending Hyun Woo to that spot in order to indirectly instigate the accident by parking that automobile precisely where Do Jun was murdered.

Later, Hyun Woo almost reported him to the police, but Kim Joo-Ryun gave him the opportunity to work at Soonyang and escape poverty; he took it, keeping it a secret.

What Happens To Soonyang?

As soon as Hyeon Woo gives her access to his phone, which contains a wealth of information on Soonyang’s corruption when he was a part of it, Min Young initiates an investigation into the company. He returns to Oh Se Hyeon to enlist his assistance in setting Soonyang on fire after she makes sure he is not detained due to the embezzlement claims.

Since Do Jun’s passing, Oh Se Hyeon has been hiding. When Hyun Woo shows up, they start working together to disrupt the foundation and ensure that the family does not have control over the succession plan. They set up a hearing where they present their corrupting materials.

Hyun Woo shows a recording of the discussion he had with Kim Joo-Ryun on the day Do Jun passed away in 2004 that he had kept hidden in his home. He eavesdropped on the conversation and revealed that Jin Young-Ki had given the kill order. Seong-Jun loses it as the court explodes.

In the end, the family decides not to give the group their inheritance, and a management firm is hired in its place.

Did Jin Young-Ki pass away?

Yes, he passed away in 2022 as a result of complications from his heart attack.

What Happened To Jin Seong-Jun?

The drama doesn’t go into detail about what exactly happened to him, such as whether he was detained for trying to kill Hyun Woo or not, but we do know he got divorced from his wife, who instantly stopped supporting him. Additionally, he was fired from his role as Soonyang’s vice president.

Did Do Jun and Min Yeong are Together?

No, their relationship did not work out. Do Jun passed away, and she also did not marry Hyun Woo. However, the screenplay does make a faint suggestion of a potential romance in the future.


(I am also really satisfied with the ending since it totally made sense! @lexuan_culbreath_371 summarized it well.

(Great series with very good story line and all the actors played their parts really well! Amazing and Congratulations! Now time to find another series to watch! ) Source: Rakuten Viki


This was an absolutely epic ending!! To those who were disappointed in the ending, I just ask that you go back to the very 1st EP that tells you the exact reason why DJ was killed. His fate had already taken place. Without DL & HW, DJ’s death would have never been explained. Trust me, I had to re-watch it as well. Then all of a sudden you have that ah ha moment. Even though most K-Dramas rarely have a S2, I could really see many reasons why there could be a S2. I need to say, this has been an amazing series & the best for 2022.) Source: Rakuten Viki


(What’s funny is that people wanted YHW to remain in DJ’s body and presumably in the Jin family. But why? Twenty years go by and they are all fighting and backstabbing and conniving to be successor of SoonYang. Whereas YHW’s family is loving and supportive and loyal–just as a healthy, good family should be. Might not be rich but they have what is important–love, tenderness and support for one another in the worst of times. But the Jin family is toxic, murderous and evil when they are dripping with wealth. So I am happy for YHW and that he returned to his own family. As for the all the money invested through Miracle signed with HW’s initials, I think it really doesn’t matter because YHW has a bright future ahead with Mr. Oh and Miracle, who value talent and intelligence.) Source: Rakuten Viki


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