A scientist claims that it is good that the coronavirus is spreading – Here’s why!

The coronavirus is spreading more and more, but that is good news.

This was stated by Gordan Lautz, a Croatian scientist and member of the Scientific Assembly of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

He published important news related to the coronavirus yesterday.

He explained that this was positive news and that, as he put it, “a very important research was carried out at the Swedish Karolinska Institute”, which was published in the prestigious magazine “Cell”.

“The survey was conducted on a relatively small number of respondents (206), so it probably needs to be repeated before we can be completely sure, but the results are very encouraging. The results of this study showed that people who became infected with Covid-19 with very mild or no symptoms developed so-called “SARS-CoV-2” specific T cells. “T cells are an important element of our immune system and help fight the virus, which means that even people who have them in small numbers may be completely protected from the virus,” Lautz wrote.

If everyone wears a mask, 58 percent of Covid-19 deaths could be prevented by the fall, a study shows, cncb reported.

If virtually everyone in America wears masks while in public, it could prevent tens of thousands of infections and deaths from Covid-19 by the fall, say researchers at the University of Washington Institute for Health (IHME).

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