This Symptom Is The Newest And Most Common Coronavirus Indicator!

Headache is the most common symptom of the coronavirus that occurs in infected patients, a new study has found.

Experts say that 62% of people who have had a variety of ailments, including headaches were the first signs of Covid 19, and that is why headaches are considered the most common symptom of this virus.

A stuffy nose is second, and this symptom occurs when more than half of people report any symptoms before texting and are confirmed to be positive on Covid 19.

Exactly one third of the patients experienced a problem with digestion, ie diarrhea, reports the British “The Sun”.

Research from Imperial College London also reveals that loss of taste or smell is a more common symptom of coughing.

The researchers also found that only 3 out of 10 people who were positive for the corona showed any symptoms.

The results are based on data from 120,000 UK volunteers who were treated by Covid 19 in May.

Official symptoms

As for the symptoms on the official list published by the National Health Service, one in five patients who developed the symptoms had a fever, while 23 percent suffered from a cough. 30% of people had the symptom of losing smell and taste.

Research from King’s College London has sought to add a skin rash to the list of official symptoms.

A separate study by Zoe Global Ltd found that 8.8 percent of people who tested positive for Covid 19 also developed a skin rash.

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