Here is how much the masks protect and at HOW MUCH TIME THEY SHOULD BE CHANGED

Epidemiologists warn that the danger of infection is still here and that is why the masks should be worn outdoors. Speediologist Predrag Kon says this should be especially taken care of by those who are over 65 years old and chronically ill, because that is how they are protected.

– In this situation when the virus is in circulation, the only correct way to ensure that the transmission is reduced 100 times is for everyone to wear masks. If we do not know exactly who is infected, then this is simply the only way. If only chronically ill people over the age of 65 wear it, only 30 percent will protect themselves. “If the mask is worn by the person carrying the virus, then the protection is 95 percent, and if they both wear it, then the protection is 99 percent, because it cannot be 100%,” Conn explains.

He says wearing a mask outdoors should be supported and treated as a tactical way to address the situation.

– In such circumstances, I say that for the first time, it becomes a whole strategy and there are no more jokes about it. How long the mask will protect you depends on the speed of urination, and it is usually 2 hours. It should be changed frequently, but this also applies to those who are in constant use. “Normally, we do not have to use the mask at home or in our car, but taxi drivers must use it,” Conn said.

The epidemiologist also comments that it is not appropriate to put masks in cars on the mirror, as there is a possibility of another type of infection.

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