How To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus If You Are At The Beach? Follow These Rules!

Summer has arrived, we are all looking forward to going to the beach, but no one is planning to bring the coronavirus home.

In the summer you can enjoy without fear as long as you adhere to the distance and the instructions of the experts.

Here are some guidelines given by experts for a safe summer without fear of infection.

Before you go on vacation

Although it is safer to stay outdoors, the risk still exists, says Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Find a beach or pool that follows the safety protocol. See if there are a limited number of people on the beach and if anyone cares about safety and hygiene.

Come ready. Chairs and tables for public use do not always have to be disinfected, so do it before you sit down. Wear a mask that you put on after you get out of the water.

In the water

Disinfectants placed in the pool prevent the virus from spreading, but do not mention how long it takes for it to become inactive.

Do not wear the mask in water. It’s just not practical, and a wet mask can be dangerous if you wear it on the beach.

Distance. Remember that people transmit the virus, not the water, so don’t swim too close to people.

Good hygiene. Do not blow your nose into the pool. Use only a handkerchief to throw away.

On land

Experts are optimistic and believe that people will be careful to avoid spreading the infection. Dr. Thomas Feteke, head of the Department of Medicine at Temple University, gives instructions on how to behave on land.

You must also keep a distance on the mainland, and this also applies to the place in the restaurant, the sunbeds and the towels.

If it’s full of people, move on: Everyone has the same idea when it’s hot, and that’s to find a place near the water. If there are too many people there, find a new place.

Wear a mask: Put a mask on your face wherever you are.

Physical distance: You must keep a distance on the mainland, and this also applies to the place in the restaurant, sunbeds and towels. The concessionaire should separate the deckchairs by keeping a distance (to provide a person who can supervise the prescribed measures) and disinfect the deckchairs several times a day. It is mandatory after a certain guest no longer uses the sun lounger, and the bathing areas provide for other seating areas, and they should also be placed at a distance of 1.5 m.

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