Doctor Explains What Masks We Should Wear – They Reduce The Possibility Of Getting Infected Below 1 Percent

Put the mask on your damn face! This sentence is used lately a lot, especially because the number of people infected and the number of deaths is just not going down as we hoped that it will during the summer. Instead of ending the Pandemic of Coronavirus, we got the strongest coronavirus hit. Wonder why? Well, after the lifting of the restrictions everything started to go back to normal, so some people stopped wearing masks…

This is very good explanation of why we should wear mask by a Serbian doctor.

Serbian epidemiologist Darija Kisic Tepavcevic explained how important wearing masks is to prevent the virus.

-While two people are talking, if they are wearing masks, the probability of transmitting infections is one percent, and if they are not wearing up to 70 percent – said the doctor.

If one person wears a mask and the other does not – the probability of infection is five percent, but if both wear protective masks, the probability is less than 1 percent.

-It is absolutely something that has proven to be effective these months. We have enough unknowns about this virus, but what is known for sure is that wearing masks does not save from infection – explained Kisiḱ Tepavčeviḱ.

-It does not have to be surgical masks, but can be cotton, any mechanical protection. We urge that other prevention measures be applied, and that is a physical distance of at least 1 meter, as well as regular changing of handcuffs – added Kisiḱ Tepavčević for Tanjug after the meeting of the Crisis Staff.

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