This is the temperature at which the coronavirus cannot survive: Summer will not help us control the virus?

Summer has begun, temperatures have started to rise, and the virus is still present … Why?

Dr. Branimir Nestorović pointed out that high temperatures will not have a great impact on how much UV radiation will have.

“The ultraviolet radiation index is important, which must be above 3 to kill the virus, not the temperature.

Well, let’s say it’s warm in Australia now, the virus is still spreading. Streaming, not much. Temperature is not very important, here the UV index of radiation because it is the rays that kill the virus.

As soon as the number is above 3, the epidemic can be expected to calm down, “said Dr. Branimir.

Do high temperatures really affect the coronavirus?
Scientists have recently launched several small studies on the subject and found that there is still insufficient evidence that this is true.

What is certain is that the survival of the coronavirus is not only related to the high temperatures here and the percentage of humidity.

The virus is dead at 92 degrees for 15 minutes

However, a group of researchers at the University of Marseille have shown that the coronavirus can survive long-term exposure to high temperatures.

Namely, they heated the coronavirus to 56 degrees for only 30 minutes, then to 60 degrees for only 60 minutes and to 92 degrees for only 15 minutes, and found that extremely high temperatures are important for reducing the effect of the virus.

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