Only 10 percent of those infected will develop antibodies, a “elite covid-19” will form soon (VIDEO)

Professor Carol Sikora, a British doctor and environmental specialist and advisor to the World Health Organization, claims that 10% of people infected with coronavirus will develop antibodies, reports the Daily Mail.

“Most of the population on the antibody test will have a negative result, even if they have had coronavirus,” Sikora claims.

That minority, “immune-privileged” or “cow-elite,” as Professor Sikor calls them, will be the first to return to work and begin their journey. The rest of the people who will not have antibodies will not have that privilege.

He says not everyone who has had the virus will produce antibodies that the test will detect, and that each person uses a different immune response to the coronavirus attack. Some parts of the human immune system are still a complete mystery to scientists. That’s why we will never be able to see the true scale of the epidemic, nor can we say for sure who had the virus and who didn’t, says the professor.

“If you have antibodies, you can be considered a privileged or ‘cow-elite’. You are then an exception to the rule, because in practice, it is quite certain that you will not become infected again and that you will not transmit the virus further.

“But the whole point is that there are only 10% of such cases in the world.” “There are a lot of immune defense systems that we can’t measure and detect.”

“There is something we call immune dark matter, which we do not understand, but we know that it exists and that it protects us. “It can be determined that it is our biggest protection against the virus.”

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