Three predictions of how the situation will develop with Coronavirus by an Italian doctor

Covid 19 in Italy is less aggressive and less circulating and apparently more sensitive to high temperatures, says primarius Roberto Rigoli, vice president of the Italian Microbiology Association.

In the northern province of Veneto, the study was completed, where an analysis of more than 60,000 coronavirus tests was performed.

Veneto is a province that has done well during the pandemic due to the fact that mass testing and the search for possible infections have been conducted among the residents.

“What no one expects of us for Covid 19, certainly no one can predict. Three scenarios are possible:

– the infection will return, or the virus will be more aggressive in the fall, but that is less likely.

– The second scenario is to occur as with the H1N1 virus, which is also from the corona virus and others that have become good and is part of the virus that returns every year as seasonal,

– and the third scenario is to be like the SARS virus which it appeared in 2003 and 2004, and it did what it did, and it disappeared, “said Roberto Rigoli.

He hopes that the whole situation will develop after the third scenario, because this virus is very similar in structure to SARS.

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