How Many Steps Do you need to Walk per day for survival, and how many for quality of life?

Research has shown that the cow-19 pandemic has caused a huge drop in human activity.

After only 30 days of physical inactivity, there is a significant weakening of the function of the heart and blood vessels, impaired glucose metabolism, reduced bone density and muscle mass, doctors say.

According to them, there is a professional consensus that the minimum amount of movement per day is about 5,000 steps, and 10,000 steps is considered the optimal amount of movement. In other words, 5,000 survival steps, 10,000 quality of life steps.

For the past few months, we have been in a vicious circle of reduced physical activity, which weakens the body and makes us susceptible to infectious diseases. That same physical inactivity leads us to chronic non-communicable diseases that can endanger our lives in this pandemic.

After two weeks of inactivity, the maximum oxygen intake drops significantly. If the loads come at the right time, the adaptation will be positive.

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– Try to stop every 30-60 minutes of sitting with short ups and downs.

– Love the stairs: 10 floors per day for beginners, and 20 or more floors for advanced.

– In case of sitting or lying down for a long time, do some mobility exercises and activate the muscles that keep you upright.

– Exercise your heart rate every day with exercise, adjust the way and duration to your current body shape.

– Include breathing exercises.

– Take care of a balanced diet, drink fluids and have quality sleep.

If you have reduced activity during this period, this is an ideal time to change and raise your activity level. Our body is a machine that specifically responds to stimuli by adapting to it. In the case of activity, the body builds or maintains muscle or bone mass depending on the severity of the stimulus and its frequency. The same goes for the cardiovascular system.

Start the day with 10 minutes of mobility exercises. Provide a minimum of 5,000 steps during the day, for example, if you are making a phone call, walk around the apartment and make about 80 steps per minute.

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