At the end of February, a mysterious rash appeared on her body, and doctors have only now realized that she had the coronavirus.

Sarah Churchill, 36, a mother from Dorset, England, was shocked to notice a rash on her legs.

She did not have a fever or persistent cough, so after tests and examinations, it was not clear to doctors what was going on, so they suspected that the painful rash could be a sign of blood cancer or even HIV. But medical tests showed no disease and it was not until a few months later that she was diagnosed with coronavirus, the Daily Mail reported.

For months, Sarah has struggled with a mysterious rash and is trying to figure out what caused it. She felt the first symptoms at the end of February – it was a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. Then the rash broke out on his hands and feet.

Among the first infected in England

At the time, England had only 15 registered cases of coronavirus infection. It turned out to be one of the first to be infected in the country.

Frightened to die, Sarah has already started looking for someone to take care of her nine-year-old son after her death.

Her agony lasted for three months, until she finally discovered the cause of the rash – the coronavirus.

– It was terrible. I still don’t know which organs have been damaged by the coronavirus. That’s why I write about this, I want to warn people that the symptoms can be different – said Sara.

Rash is a key factor

Professor Tim Spector of King’s University College London said of skin rashes: “It’s usually combined (with other symptoms), but it can occur at different times – sometimes after other symptoms. It may appear two weeks after other symptoms or two weeks earlier. It’s a failure, because neither the public nor the doctors are aware of it. ”

According to the professor, the rash was previously documented in the early cases reported in China and Europe, but no studies have been published so far.

“Rash is shown in very unusual ways,” he added, describing it as more of an “allergic rash” or drug rash than eczema. It is an unusual rash in people who do not usually get the rash. This is the key. It can only last one day and disappear, so people need to be very careful.

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