VIDEO: Police in New York and Michigan kneel in front of demonstrants and show that they do not support violence

Several police officers in New York and Flint County, Michigan, knelt in the street with protesters protesting the death of African-American George Floyd. Police officers wanted to show solidarity and show that they are not for violence.

Several police officers in New York knelt together with peaceful protesters on the sidewalk and paid their respects to the deceased, CNN reports.

In the video posted on social networks, you can hear the shouts of the gathered “thank you”, addressed to the police.
The demonstrators then surrounded the police and knelt with them, while one of the demonstrators loudly uttered the names of the other deceased African-Americans.

The sheriff of Flint County, Michigan, came out without armor and weapons and also knelt before the protesters, who told them: “I and my people Love you.”

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