5 early signs of a heart attack that women often ignore: If this one hurts – go to the doctor!

A heart attack is a dangerous condition in which the flow of blood to the muscles of the myocardium significantly decreases.

In a case of a heart attack, the body stops receiving oxygen and nutrients and the coronary veins become blocked. If you do not seek help, the cells die, and the person can die of a heart attack.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system are more common in the younger population. A large number of cases of heart attack have been reported in people aged 30 to 35 years. However, with timely treatment, fatal consequences can be avoided. Therefore, it is important to detect the first symptoms of a heart attack.

How to recognize a heart attack?

Most people are sure that the situation is developing quickly and that it is accompanied by acute pain. In fact, before a heart attack occurs, symptoms that are difficult to associate with heart damage can occur for a long time.

The body tends to fight the disease on its own, to control its pressure and pulse, but you can see the problem if you pay attention to the following symptoms.

1. Sleeping disorder

People associate chronic insomnia with exhaustion from work, stress, diet or vitamin deficiency. Well 50% of women who survived a heart attack stated that they had a long-term disturbance on the sonnet. This symptom is associated with impaired blood supply to the brain, subtle development of hypoxia, and changes in hormone levels. Anxiety attacks often occur, irritability increases and severe fatigue follows.


Before the heart attack, many patients noticed loss of appetite, which occurred for no apparent reason. Shallow breathing also occurred during sitting or easy walking. Coughing occurred in the absence of other signs of colds or flu. However, in the initial phase, the patient may feel a slight pain or tingling in the city, and this does not bother him much at all. These symptoms occurred in about 40% of people who had a heart attack.


The digestive system is the first to respond to heart problems. As blood flow decreases, acidity in the stomach may increase and heartburn, pain and stomach cramps may occur, and vomiting may occur frequently. The above symptoms and fat, women attribute them to poor nutrition and diet. Change your diet, consult a nutritionist, but if symptoms persist, see a doctor.


If the sudden sweating is not associated with fear, you must be careful: the appearance of a cold sweat on the forehead for no reason can be a symptom of a heart attack. When the myocardial muscle is overloaded, the body tends to resist the rise in temperature and remove excess fluid, thereby reducing blood flow.


Pain in the arms and neck is never a sign of osteochondosis or fatigue: if the heart works intermittently, the arteries that feed the brain and the spinal cord constrict. There is cramping, numbness, pain in the back of the head. Only a specialist examination or ultrasound can recognize the first signs of the disease.

Heart attacks often occur in women over the age of 45. The risk increases at menopause if they work hard or are exposed to stressful situations.

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