One exercise and 103 million views: Guarantees that you will get strong and visible abs in two weeks

Can you believe that you can have your strong abs shown on your stomach with only one exercise? In the video of this fitness star, this exercise will help you get your have abdominal muscles in two weeks. The video of the exercise has 103 million views and counting and it is hit in fitness area and workouts.

Chloe Ting is a former statistician who turned into a YouTube star with 7.6 million followers.

The number of followers increased dramatically during the isolation, when the rest of the world looked in the fridge, ate and gained weight, and Chloe carefully exercised and maintained her enviable abdominal muscles.

The 34-year-old girl from Melbourne spends her quarantine in Los Angeles, and publishes new exercises on Instagram every day.

The most popular video is called “Create Abdominal Muscles in Just Two Weeks” and has been viewed 103 million times. It is followed by ‘Do this every day to lose weight’ – a video that has been viewed 43 million times.

The Social Blade website writes that in the last month it has collected 2.9 million followers, 223 million views and maybe even 1.2 million dollars.

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