Infertility, panic attacks, migraines… Some of these conditions can be caused by thyroid gland

Thyroid hormones are the main regulators of the body and are crucial for the performance of all processes that take place in all organs and tissues.

In addition to making everyday life difficult, thyroid disease can sometimes affect the development of other problems.

1. Infertility

When a woman wants to stay in another state, it rarely occurs to her to examine thyroid hormones, and it is possible that the doctor will miss the same. Thyroid hormones directly affect the lining of the uterus, causing problems or even miscarriage, whether it is a decreased or increased level of hormones.

2. Loss of libido

Loss of sexual desire often occurs in a patient with hypothyroidism. A patient with elevated thyroid hormone levels may experience the same problem but they also know to experience episodes with increased desire due to accelerated metabolism. In hypothyroidism, the metabolism is slowed down, which means that the reproductive organs are the same. Both men and women may notice a drop in testosterone and estrogen.

3. Depression

Insufficient levels of the hormones T4 and T3 are often the reason for a bad mood. A large study was conducted by one company, and looking at 4,000 people, it concluded that 66 percent of patients would react little or not to antidepressants or have consequences. It was also concluded that T3 hormone drugs worked better, even when tranquilizers or psychotherapy did not.

4. Obesity

If you’ve heard that slow thyroid function can’t affect weight gain, the information isn’t accurate. No matter how many weight loss programs are available today, many people who have problems with excess weight fail to lose them. In the vast majority of cases, it is a certain metabolic disorder, and one of them is a slowed thyroid function. According to scientists, thyroid hormone regulates metabolism, affects appetite and regulates body weight.

5. Anxiety and panic attacks

Wake up in a great mood, full of energy, but anxious. In a short time, the energy disappears and you feel slowed down as if you were a snail, you suffer from constipation, your hair falls out and you lose weight, so depression follows. The initial symptoms do not go away, you panic, sweat and shake… While you will first think that it is a mental problem, it is possible that it is Hashimoto’s syndrom.

6. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Symptoms include burning and / or tingling in the fingers, sometimes even numbness, and disturbances significantly impair the fine motor skills of the hands. Patients who have thyroid problems often complain of this syndrome, but do not realize that the pain of this nerve and thyroid disease are strongly related because people whose thyroid gland does not work well can retain fluid in the connective tissue.

7. Heart disease

Do you suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure? It is possible that the thyroid is responsible. Namely, the level of thyroid hormones has a direct effect on the heart, causing a slow or fast heartbeat, which can lead to the development of other diseases. Because of these symptoms, your doctor will refer you to a cardiologist, but it may be a good idea to talk to a thyroid health professional.

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