How does a cosmetician fight cellulite at home? She reveals 8 effective tricks

Cellulite is a source of dissatisfaction for most women because we know that it has ‘settled’ on 90 per cent of women.
Orange peel on the thighs, abdomen, upper arms, knees and buttocks will not only be an aesthetic but also a health problem as it gets worse over time and becomes more painful.

It is caused by an excessive increase in the volume of cells in adipose tissue and incomplete excretion of toxins. Substances that are not excreted by the body accumulate in the deeper layer of the skin or in the intercellular spaces of adipose tissue and put pressure on small blood vessels that can not bring the required amount of blood to fat cells.

Cellulite is also accompanied by damage to the surrounding tissue which becomes hard and inelastic and results in superficial deformation of the skin. The connective tissue of women is weaker than in men and supports fat cells in a different way, which is the reason why in women the so-called orange peel is more visible.

Female hormones, genetics, stress, sedentary lifestyle or insufficient movement, improper diet, insufficient fluid intake and smoking are considered factors that promote cellulite.

Many apparatus and non-apparatus professional treatments are available to strengthen connective tissue, improve circulation and lymph flow, reduce fat, and remove accumulated water. The treatments will also visibly shape the body, reduce volume and improve skin quality.

What to do at home?

In addition to professional treatments, you can contribute to the reduction of cellulite accumulations in your daily routine, especially now that beauty salons are closed. Recommendations are:

1. Proper diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, while avoiding sweets and too much salt as it will contribute to fluid retention. Foods rich in antioxidants will help strengthen connective tissue.

2. Supply the body with 2-3 liters of fluid per day. Two cups of green tea will especially help in the fight against cellulite because it is a natural diuretic and contains substances that release trapped fat in cellulite and thus allow them to burn.

3. Physical activity at least two to three times a week is inevitable if you are going to fight cellulite.

4. Regulate digestion.

5. Tight clothing interferes with lymph circulation and flow, so try wearing less clothes like skinny jeans.

6. Alternate showering with warm-cold water will significantly improve circulation and encourage metabolism

7. Daily five-minute dry brushing of the body, circular movements from the feet to the shoulders, will stimulate the circulation and elimination of toxins from the body and improve the appearance of areas affected by cellulite.

8. Relaxation is an important factor in the fight against cellulite because it has been proven that stress plays a big role in its development.

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