WHO: You can catch coronavirus in the hot weather too, avoid temperatures higher than 25 degrees

“Avoid exposure to the sun or temperatures higher than 25 ° C, as there is no evidence that this prevents or treats cobweb-19 and increases the risk of sunburn and heat-related illnesses. You can catch Covid-19 no matter how sunny or hot the weather is, so protect yourself and others by washing your hands regularly, coughing in a folded elbow or tissue, and avoiding touching your face.”
advise the WHO.

You also need to avoid going out and strenuous physical activity during the hottest time of the day, to sit in the shade and preferably spend 2-3 hours in a cool place, but also to keep a physical distance, are part of the list of tips.

Furthermore, the standard advice for summer is to use light clothing, drink water, and avoid sugary drinks, alcohol, or caffeine.

“Keep your home cool. Use the night air to cool your home. “Reduce the heat load in the apartment or house during the day by using blinds and turn off as many electrical appliances as possible.”

health experts advise.

The WHO also advises the European countries to develop and implement heat treatment plans. These plans aim to prevent, respond to and contain the risks associated with heat to health and should include measures for long-term prevention, medium-term preparation and short-term emergency measures.

“Especially this year, it is recommended to review even the existing action plans for health protection, in order to take into account the established measures to reduce and prevent the transmission of covidase-19,”

emphasized by the WHO.

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