These are the main conditions for ending the coronavirus: Famous Russian scientist prevails when we will win the war against the virus!

Russia’s chief epidemiologist, Nikolai Bricko, an academic at the Russian Academy of Sciences, told the Parliamentary Journal that the conditions under which the coronavirus epidemic could be stopped were under consideration.
– We can talk about the end of the cycle of epidemiological process only when the percentage of new diseases is less than one – said the specialist.

According to him, the situation varies from region to region, where “there has recently been a slight slowdown in the intensity of the development of the epidemiological process of infection.”

As an example, the epidemiologist mentioned the growth rates of patients with covid 19:

If on April 2 the number of patients increased by 27 percent, on May 1 their number increased by 6.9 percent.

– Maybe the infection will stabilize, after which there will be a decline in June – explained Briko.

The doctor specified that the weakening of the epidemic lasts longer than the growth phase and warned of the premature lifting of the restrictions imposed due to the spread of the virus.

As a reminder, on March 11, the World Health Organization announced an epidemic of a new covid-19 infection.

According to the latest data, more than 3.5 million cases of infection have been registered worldwide, and more than 245 thousand people have died.

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