Chinese doctor: I discovered that they are hiding something in Wuhan, a new wave is threatening China and the world

The health experts are warning of the danger of a second wave of Covid-19 infection.
Two of the five newly infected cases that have been infected are from people that came back in China, but three have been transferred locally to the northeastern city of Yilin.
The number of confirmed cases in China is now 82,947, while 4,634 people have been infected with the coronavirus.
A local outbreak of Yulin infection has taken place in a part of the city that Chinese officials have identified as a high-risk area for Covid-19, so measures have been introduced that include only one family member to leave home during the day for the necessary food supplies.

Citizens are advised not to leave the city, and anyone forced to do so, must have a negative corona test done in the last 48 hours.
Yilin is the second largest city in the province, bordering North Korea and Russia. The province temporarily suspended passenger trains on Wednesday.
At the same time, 12 new asymptomatic cases of coronavirus have been identified, authorities said.

Chinese government health adviser Zhong Nanshan told CNN that the danger of a second wave of infection remains high.
“Most Chinese are still susceptible to possible contamination with Covid-19 due to a lack of immunity.
“We are facing a great challenge, I think at the moment the situation is no better than in foreign countries.” He also said that local authorities in Wuhan, the city from which the pandemic began, had concealed key details about the extent of the initial infection.

Zhong said he visited Wuhan on January 18 and that doctors and former students said at the time that the situation was much worse.
I suspected that the authorities in Wuhan were not telling the truth because the official number of new patients in that city was 41 for ten days in a row.
“I didn’t trust those numbers and asked them to give me the real ones,” Nanshan said.

While acknowledging that Wuhan initially concealed the true numbers, Nanshan dismissed the possibility that the cover-up continued after China’s central government took matters into its own hands.

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