How I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks during the quarantine period with no strict diet or exercise

In the past few months we have been staying at home and trying to avoid other people in order to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. Many of us, that were staying at home and working at the same time, gained a lot of weight. My case is more then 10 pounds. I was wearing sports wear almost every day and I haven’t noticed that i got fatter.

Than, one day I had to go to the market and I decided to wear some jeans- the end result: I could barely breath in that clothes. That was the moment of truth and decision: to lose weight and get my old body back.

I felt a little better when my sister told me that she gained weight too and succeeded to slim down by doing some workout that was 4 minutes long, 4 times per day and also did some changes in her daily menu.

I decided to do the same to I started the workout first. Trust me, I never thought that 4 minutes workout can make me sweat like a pig. You have to try it. See below the link with the exercises.

Also, she told me that she started eating food according to the diet plan of the 1200 calories diet. I started doing that too, I after 2 weeks I was 10 pounds skinnier. I didn’t have to be worried about the gaining weight during the quarantine because now I look even better then before. See the 1200 calories diet plan and achieve your body goals.

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