We know that the coronavirus originates from bats, but the antibodies from this animal could be our secret weapon against covid-19.

According to a study published last week in the journal Cell, antibodies in the blood of the llama could provide protection against coronavirus, reports the Guardian. Unlike humans, llamas have small antibodies that can penetrate the virus’s proteins, which are too small for human antibodies to help them cope with the threat posed by them.

Researchers hope that llama antibodies could help people who are not yet infected with the coronavirus.

It has been proven in the past that llama antibodies can fight Sars and other diseases, which led scientists to think that they could be effective in combating cowboy-19. This has proven to be true, at least at the cellular level, and the next step is clinical trials, which researchers are currently working on.

Many believe that the healing power of llamas goes beyond that of the microscopic level, and that these animals have the ability to calm people down and reduce their anxiety.

“Lams and humans are natural allies,” said George Caldwell, a California-based llama breeder.

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