How does the air conditioner affect the coronavirus?

As the warmer days arrive, the question arises as to how risky refrigeration products are as a human health device when it comes to coronavirus.

Air conditioners could restore the virus that has fallen to the surface in the air. However, air conditioners can also have a positive effect, experts say. According to them, the coronavirus pandemic does not change anything when it comes to cleaning air conditioners at home.

When it comes to cars, air conditioning filters are changed at least once a year for technical inspection. These devices work differently because outside air enters the vehicle.

The question is whether the outside air is polluted. Due to its weight, this virus is kept very short in the air.

In large areas, such as shopping malls, there are centralized air conditioners that, according to experts, are not dangerous to health, but the problem is the increased speed of the air flow they cause.

Rising dust and the return of a virus that may have fallen to the floor can be a problem in such systems, experts explain, adding that it is still better with the air conditioner.

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