2 Certain Things That Will Put An End To The Coronavirus Pandemic

We are all waiting for the Coronavirus pandemic to end and just go out like a normal people and do normal things. Unfortunately, that’s not up to us. There are many factors that could influence and put an end to the coronavirus pandemic, but which one is the most important? The collective immunity, the hot weather inventing the vaccine against this bad infection that is killing humanity or else?

The bad news is that the coronavirus might stick around possibly for few years. It is very clear that social distancing is not a long term solution because you can’t just lock down people and scare them from the virus. Also, the theory of survivor of the best is really bad, because that will mean that every person with chronic diseases like heart problems, or lungs problems or diabetes is in danger and there is a clear risk that if they get infected they might not survive.

The most certain thing at the moment that will end this horrific pandemic is the vaccine. For the vaccine, the one that will work for all of us, will be needed 12-18 months. A vaccine should give the people the necessary immunity so they do not become sick if they are exposed.

If we immunise enough people, about 60% of the population, the virus won’t be able to cause outbreaks – the concept known as herd immunity.
The vaccine research is taking place at unprecedented speed, but there is no guarantee it will be successful and will require immunisation on a global scale.

The second certain thing is the natural immunity. However, for this thing it will be needed at least two years. When this might happen is uncertain. The UK’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, told “putting absolute timelines on things is not possible”.
Until the natural immunity happen, the world might live with the coronavirus with months, if not for years too. Let’s hope that the solution will come sooner that we think and that everyone will be just fine.

Until that day, keep your health, consume vitamins- especially D and C, take a long walks (alone) and don’t let your body die from inactivity. Live the life because it is given to us to do it only once,no repeat button.

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