Latest Research: The coronavirus will end in the summer, but a second wave will follow in autumn

Croatian scientist and professor Gordan Lauch shared on social media the news of the research of the American Harvard University, which revealed that the coronavirus is more difficult to spread at high temperatures, but also that it can become a seasonal disease.

The analysis of the spread of the virus in 3,739 locations around the world confirmed the assumption of temperatures when it comes to the new SARS CoV-2 virus.

– Time, of course, is not the only factor, so we should not relax and return to old habits, but this news awakens the hope that the reduction of measures, which is something that is currently happening, will not lead to a new wave of pandemics.

This means that we need to open schools as soon as possible and allow children to have a normal end to the school year.

Those who claim in the media that the strict measures were wrong, this is bad news, because it confirms that without the decisive measures in recent months we would have had a rapid growth of infected, more sick and dead in Croatia.

This is bad news for those who are committed to maintaining or increasing strict measures, because it turned out that at this time of year and these measures are sufficient – wrote Lauch.

A large study conducted at Harvard, MIT and other institutions observed weather conditions, namely rising temperatures and humidity, affecting the spread of coronavirus, writes the Washington Post.

Researchers studied 3,739 sites worldwide and found that temperatures above 25 degrees Fahrenheit [30. C] significantly reduced the risk of infection.
They warn, however, that the summer will not completely stop the pandemic.

Scientists note that the coronavirus will probably behave like SARS and MERS, ie that it will weaken when the weather is warmer, but also that it means that the number of infections will increase in the fall, reports the Croatian Index.

David Hayman, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, warns that the findings of such research should be taken with extreme caution.

– They are laboratory research. These are not real situations. “We are witnessing on a daily basis that Coyd-19 is being transmitted in most parts of the world, even in the tropics.”

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