Work from home? This Ideal 4 Minutes Workout can change you quarantine body and help you lose weight for good!

The quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic is literally killing our bodies We stay at home, eat all day and all of the sudden we are fat and we cannot recognize ourselves. That’s why we suggest you to try our combination of 4 minutes workout and little dieting that can be a body changer.

At first, you won’t believe that a 4 minutes workout can change your body, but trust me, you will feel the first effects of this workout the same day you start exercising.

Our kind suggestion is if you decide to try this 4 minutes workout, to do it 3 to 4 times per day. We are all aware that we might stay at home for a little while, until the coronavirus pandemic ends, so we don’t wanna show in front of our friends looking like a balloon.

We also mentioned that we will suggest a diet plan, but we can more call it as a self-made diet. Try not to eat as much as you did by now. Eat vegetables and healthy foo. If you crave for snacks, get a cup of coffee with big glass of water, or drink a big glass of detox tea to postpone the next meal. This “meal” does not contain calories so you can consume it a few times per day when you feel hunger.

Also, try to consume vitamin D daily because we all need it during the pandemic and the lack of sun we cannot get because we have to stay at home for our and everyone’s good.

Please see below the 4 minutes workout and share us your results!

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