How Adele Lost 90 Pounds In A Period Less Than A Year And How You Can Do The Same

World-famous British singer Adele recently lost 90 pounds, thanks to the book “The Sirtfood Diet”.

Adele is a famous singer from Great Britain which during the years of her career she always seemed to struggle with overweight. Beside that, she was always cute to us and we always enjoyed her stunning voice and songs.

Recently, she came out in public with totally changed look. Adele’s diet helped her lose over 90 pounds in less than a year a most of the people couldn’t recognize her. She is still beautiful as she was, but the difference now is, she can wear anything she wants and not to hide her body behind big, long dresses.

So, you probably wonder how she made it? Whatever she did, why she didn’t do it earlier? Here’s Adele diet plan that helped her transform her body and lifestyle.

The diet is based on the consumption of products rich in sirtuin, a protein in the body that research has shown helps regulate metabolism. These include products such as kale, strawberries, citrus fruits, olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea, red wine, apples, parsley, onions, turmeric, blueberries… Meat does not get into this category, but is allowed, of course you must not with it to completely replace the above groceries.

The whole diet looks like this:

The first three days of the diet are limited to consuming food that contains 1000 calories, the next four days are limited to food that contains 1000 calories in which you can include two meals and a smoothie.

After the first seven days, eat unlimited amounts of the above foods.

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