Coronavirus big breakthrough: Scientist from Germany discovered that we won’t need a vaccine, here’s why!

German scientists have made great breakthrough in the search for a cure for coronavirus – they have been able to prove the presence of antibodies that prevent the virus from penetrating cells.

“It’s a clear step forward that we’re on the right track to developing a drug against Covid-19,” said Luca Cicin-Sain of the Helmholtz Infection Research Center in Braunschweig.

The Braunschweiger Zeitung reports that Cicin-Sain and his team analyzed 6,000 different, artificially made human antibodies. On that occasion, they found more than 750 antibodies that “attach” to the coronavirus, which is a prerequisite for a successful fight against it.
The effectiveness of the antibodies will now be tested. The goal of the scientists is to find a drug that could make acute coronavirus patients acutely cured.

“The principle we are working on, is the so-called passive immunization, ”explained Stefan Dibel of the Technical University of Braunschweig.

The search for the best antibody candidate for further treatment should continue until mid-June, said Thomas Sherman of the biotechnology company Jumab, which is involved in the project.

The goal of the scientists is to treat the first patients with Covid-19 with their medicine by autumn.


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