Doctors have discovered the earliest sign of coronavirus: Before the virus develops, this symptom occurs!

Doctors have discovered the earliest sign of coronavirus

To the list of symptoms associated with coronavirus, doctors added another one.

Recognizing and understanding the potential symptoms of this virus is extremely important, doctors say.
Early detection increases the chances of recovery. So far, we know that fever, cough, and loss of sense of smell and taste are clear symptoms. However, the World Health Organization has added another symptom to its list, which it says may be the earliest sign of coronavirus.

Sudden changes in the skin may indicate that the body is affected by the virus.

The rash in the form of tiny reddish spots may indicate an infection.

According to Italian doctors, every fifth person hospitalized for coronavirus had this skin change.

“The rash may be the earliest symptom, and often the only one. “In most cases, this skin change occurs before the disease progresses.”

Here’s what the experts say…
Dr Randy Jacobs, a professor of dermatology at the University of California, Berkeley, spoke of a 67-year-old patient infected with coronavirus. He first developed a symptom that looked like a common cold, but a week later, he developed a rash on the inside of his thigh, after which he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

He adds that this symptom most often occurs in people suffering from an autoimmune disease.

With the termination of the state of emergency, the danger of this virus will not disappear, so it is necessary to monitor all changes in the body, and above all, to implement all protection measures, doctors are unanimous.

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