Chinese scientists claim: There is a small chance that the coronavirus will ever disappear, here’s why!

There is no evidence that high summer temperatures will stop the spread of the virus – Chinese scientists claim

The coronavirus will not go away, but will become a seasonal disease, have said the scientists.

They have agreed with a number of world scientists who say that covid-19 will occasionally return, like the flu.

It is unlikely that the virus will disappear as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) 17 years ago, as some people become infected and do not experience symptoms such as fever.

That group of asymptomatic carriers makes it difficult to completely stop the infection, scientists in Beijing have said.

When it comes to SARS, those who become infected become seriously ill. But when they isolated themselves, the virus stopped spreading.

On the other hand, China still finds new asymptomatic carriers of the new coronavirus, and is very thought to have brought the epidemic under control.

“This epidemic is likely to live long among humans, become a seasonal disease and survive in human bodies,” said Yin Kui, director of the Institute for Pathological Biology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Scientists and governments around the world have argued that the virus is unlikely to go away despite self-isolation that has devastated the world economy.

“The virus is sensitive to heat, but we’re talking about exposure to the same temperature of 50 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Temperatures are never so high, “said Wang Guiching, head of the infectious disease department at Beijing University’s First Hospital.

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  • Two things: it’s a corona virus. It isn’t going away, just like other flus that are still around…they mutate. That’s why the flu vaccine changes a bit every year.
    2) I might believe other experts, but the chance of believing a Chinese government official, expert, or scientist is real low. That goes for WHO as well.

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