Miracle of Folk Medicine: This drink cures over 20 diseases, from diabetes to lung infections

Plantago Lanceolata is a plant without any yard is unthinkable – it grows in abundance, and can be used in fresh form during the warm part of the year or to freeze and use during the winter.

There is a female and a male weightlifter whose healing properties are almost identical. The leaves of the female weightlifter can be eaten, so they are often used to prepare salads or stews.

Plantago Lanceolata can be used in the form of tea, but also as a balm or compresses. The mucus it contains relieves inflammation of the mucous membranes, so it is an excellent remedy for cough and bronchitis. Also, wheezing can relieve the symptoms of asthma, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the airways, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and various allergic reactions that cause breathing problems.

New research shows that Plantago Lanceolata extract has been shown to be effective in lung infections, confirming its antibacterial properties.

In addition, Plantago stimulates metabolism and removes spring fatigue, relieves the symptoms of urinary tract infection as well as inflammation of the bladder and kidneys.

This plant successfully regulates cholesterol levels, has been shown to be a powerful ally in the fight against diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome.

To make tea, use only the leaves that you have previously dried in the sun.

Method of preparation:

Pour one tablespoon of dried pancakes with 250 milliliters of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Tea is best drunk while hot.

Cloak covers

To reduce swelling from insect bites, make balls of fresh leaves of female buttermilk and green clay and mix them with water. The resulting paste allows to alleviate the symptoms of stings and bites, as well as reduce irritation, but also varicose veins.

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