Team of German Scientist Revealed: If You Ever Had Some Of These Illnesses, You Might Be Immune To Coronavirus

The Virologist Christian Drosten and his colleagues at the University of Charité in Berlin have suggested some previous illnesses that could lead to immunity to coronavirus.

A team of scientists led by virologist Christian Drosten has concluded that people who previously suffered from some other species of corona viruses can potentially be immune to current Covid -19.

Drosten and his colleagues explained that they examined the T-cells in patients who had already been cured of coronavirus and in those who were not infected.

“We were surprised to find that 34 percent of patients had reactive T cells, although they had never been in contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” Drosten explained.

According to him, there is a similarity in the structure between the four corona viruses, which were already known to scientists before, and the new Covid-19, which also belongs to the group of corona viruses.

In that case, as he explains, a previous illness caused by one of the four known corona viruses in humans could be an explanation for the immunity that some people have in relation to the current virus.

Drosten also pointed out that this was the first “remark” in the world in this regard and warned of an exaggerated interpretation of the results.

He also stated that the possibility that one third of the people of the planet are immune to Covid-19 should not be ruled out.

He believes that the explanation for milder or asymptomatic patients could be found in the fact that at the beginning of the epidemic people were less affected by the virus or that they had better general health.

He said the death toll would not change and that simple scientific information should not be expected to change the course of the epidemic or its fate in the world.

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