Due to the pandemic, the demand for tea from this herb has increased – it cures the cough immediately, but not everyone can drink it.

Please note that this Herbal tea in the text below is NOT a cure for the coronavirus. This is only used to help people relieve their cough symptoms and it may not help to everyone. However, taking this tea may not harm your health because it is liquid after all, and our body always need liquids.

The coronavirus pandemic has boosted demand for Dandelion Tea around the world, which can be found at pharmacies.

The leaves and flowers of the subfloor contain flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, sour mucus, bitter ingredients, organic acid, essential oil.

The medicinal ingredients of the undercoat act to relieve coughing, relieve irritated cough and regenerate the mucous membranes, and in folk medicine it is used in people who have asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis and other diseases accompanied by a strong cough.

Before using this plant, you should consult a doctor because this plant contains pyrolizidine alkaloids, so it is not recommended to use the base for pregnant women, young children, nursing mothers, but also people who have problems with liver.

Method of preparation:

Pour 200 ml of warm water over one tablespoon of leaflet, leave it for 10 minutes. Drink one cup of tea three times a day after each meal.

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