Spice that protects the lungs and strengthens the immune system: Nutritionists advise, eat this to protect yourselfs

Please note that the following information in the text below is an advice for good health and can help you relieve pain but it is not the cure for the coronavirus. Before taking any action please consider contacting your doctor.

When it comes to self-isolation health and the risk of contracting the current coronavirus, nutritionists are unanimous about which foods and spices are best for the airways and immune system.

For good health, it is important for the body to have a strong immune system to protect against viral and bacterial infections.

The best way to improve your immunity is to balance your calories, eat lighter and easier-to-digest foods.

This is most easily achieved by consuming good fats, fiber, quality carbohydrates and various sources of protein.

As with other viral infections, there are foods that can boost the immune system. Primarily, it is a food rich in vitamin C, fresh fruit or short-term heat, fat and fiber.

Foods rich in vitamin C such as onions, garlic, leeks, parsley and celery should be eaten. Onions and garlic are not only great at fighting viruses and bacteria, they also help with various respiratory infections.

We can eat onions with syrup, and we can put them in soups. It is also good to add chopped parsley or celery to the soup. As for the fruit, great fruits are citrus fruits, pomegranates and all the seasonal fruits that can be found this time.

Olive oil should be added to the diet, meat (in small quantities), fish, avocados and nuts should be eaten.

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