Consequences that Covid-19 can leave on the body: Those Who Will Have The Virus Should Not Smoke?

Previous studies about the effects of coronavirus on human health have suggested that the infection can have fatal consequences – from loss of senses to damaging the heart and lungs, according to the Daily Mail.

However, history suggests that other health problems may occur.

After the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, when half a billion people became ill, many survivors experienced some form of depression and felt lethargic. People also reported dizziness, insomnia, hearing loss and odor, and blurred vision.

Some experts believe that the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to the development of the same or similar diseases.

“During the 2003 SARS epidemic, many psychiatric and neurological complications were reported,” the Italian Neurology Association recently warned.

Covid-19 can also lead to other long-term problems. Six out of ten people who tested positive for coronavirus reported loss of sense of smell and taste, and this condition is called anosmia.

The loss may be temporary, but British experts point out that in many cases it can be permanent, and that condition is called post-traumatic olfactory loss (PVOL).

-PVOL can be experienced in other respiratory infections, such as the flu. However, in the case of Covid-19, newly published reports indicate that the virus damages the cells of the nasal mucosa that support receptor cells, “said Carl Filpot, a professor of rhinology and olfactory at the University of East England.

Studies have shown that after corona recovery, every fourth person will have a persistent cough that can last up to ten weeks after the body is cleared of the virus.

Inflammation of the airways may also occur after the virus has been infected, even if the initial infection has subsided.

There are also alarming reports that the Covid-19 infection can cause lung fibrosis, scarring, and lung damage.

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