Eight signs that the body has fought the coronavirus on its own, without you being aware of it

Experts say there is a possibility that some people may have contracted the virus before the epidemic officially began. If you have had mild forms of these symptoms, you have probably successfully contracted the virus by yourself.

Eye infection

New research has shown that eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, can be a symptom of covid-19.

Dry cough

One of the most common and recognizable symptoms of coronavirus is a dry cough.

Mental fatigue

Although not officially recognized as a symptom of coronavirus, some infected patients have reported it as a symptom.


In addition to a dry cough, this is the biggest indicator of coronavirus.

Difficulty breathing

The feeling of pressure in the chest and the inability to breathe deeply also appear as symptoms of covid-19.

Loss of sense of smell and taste

The British Association of otorhinolaryngologists recently warned that the loss of sense of smell and taste could be a symptom of the virus.

This model also shows a bell-shape curve where the left most end of the curve’s tail represents the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in a country, and the right most end of the curve’s tail represents the last predicted case of infection, the inflection point or the peak in the bell-shape curve represents the highest number of cases after which the rate of infection begins to slow down, and the area under the entire curve which represents the total predicted number of people who will have contracted the virus.

The research predicts that the Covid-19 “end date” in the world will be on January 5, 2021.

Stomach problems

Of the 204 infected people who took part in the study, 48.5 percent reported diarrhea as a symptom.

Physical fatigue

Another symptom of Covid-19, which occurs with colds, influenza virus, and a number of other viruses, is fatigue and exhaustion.


  • I know l had it and it is a whole lot worse then the above people described. WAY WORSE. And it leaves damage behind too

  • I went to movie theater a week before Christmas. 3 days later I had sore throat and headache and fever. I went to an urgent care who said it was sinus but I also had a dry deep hacking cough and was given narcotic cough syrup and Augmentin. Then I had chills and muscle aches. I’d cough so bad at night I’d lose my breath. After a week I went back to urgent care they were packed a nurse came out to talk to me and said if I wasn’t better in 3 days go to hospital for chest x Ray . I continued with bad cough and feeling tired it lasted a month and a half . I thought I’d never get well .

  • Back in December at one point I was having difficulty breathing constantly tired I take a pill to help me focus i could take my meds with a b-12 and chase it down with an energy drink and nothing and after I was having difficulty breathing a couple of days later it felt like something was ripping and tearing apart my insides I wasn’t myself i would get mad so mad i didn’t care about my family my kids nothing mattered to me i was sore all over shivering but wasn’t running a fever or if i was i didn’t know i would wake up in a pool of sweat i thought it was my blood pressure but i have decent blood pressure but my body always runs warm my sinuses where all jacked up with a wicked cough i couldn’t explain my vision was blurry at times my mentally state of mind was not all there i think i had the virus back then

  • Lorraine Hundley

    (April 28, 2020 - 12:11 am)

    Yes I definitely know for sure it’s been around way before 2020 and most doctors were passing it off as a respiratory infection. The dry cough and fever was definitely around.

  • About two months ago I spent around two week in the hospital on a bypap very sick had been there over a week began to come very confused and a couple of hours later had what appeared to be a stroke I don’t remember any thing they where treating me for septic some kind of infection I was on 4 different antibiotics still getting worse when I became unresponsive they flue me to another bigger hospital more able to see what was wrong they could not find any stroke activity they had gave me a blood clotting med but they ruled it as a emergency blood pressure stroke I layed three days unable to move my right side memory lose and unable to respond I could here them talking on second day but could not talk back move or respond and now they are sending me to a oncologist an hematologists my blood work shows my blood dangerously low and bleeding some where and I am warring 4 litters of Oxygen yes my lungs was bad but I was able to walk to room to room and still breath but not now any suggestions my taste is off head aches I don’t get out of my room much don’t feel like moving weak tried all the time but can’t sleep I know if it was the virus I would be dead or it would be over but is there any lasting side affects

  • I live in New Mexico I live in New Mexico and I know the last week of December the first three weeks of January I had the coronavirus the difficulty breathing dry cough lasted the entire time pressure on my chest felt like at any moment I was going to die I couldn’t catch my breath I had diarrhea most of that time high fevers on many nights I didn’t even want to move out of bed I had no energy I thought death was coming on more than one occasion I finally battled it is Vitamin C echinacea lots of water and plenty of rest.

  • I had the covid 19 and my body fought it till I got better.I had lost sense of smellAnd taste but I was still hungry.I was about to get a new job so I was drinking a A drink to clean my body from toxins and when I started using the bathroom all day for some reason I just felt brand new so I knew I had just got better way better I exercise and work with no problem.I quarantined for a month from my kids and wife.Thank God they didn’t get sick but I also took all necessary steps so they won’t get sick.

  • Agreed! It is a lengthy flu like process of healing after contracting this virus because it lasts months as your body develops the sufficient amount of antibodies to fight off the infection and cure itself but only with the help of antibiotics that I was lucky to have the good sense and connection to obtain smuggled antibiotics from el Salvador and Guatemala. These have helped me in the past to fight off extreme cases of strepthroat and influenza in a swift and thorough regiment in less then 3 days which I only resort to these much more powerful than the antibiotics of the U.S. when I’ve been refused treatment by my medical providers because of misdiagnosis as having something less severe and after weeks with increasingly debilitating symptoms. They were introduced to me by a family member and now I am convinced after years of never failing me that these capsules are the cure all to disease and infection with higher levels of the more essential ingredients than the FDA approved amount legally distributed in the states. Therefore working efficiently and not dragging out the amount of time to heal they just focus in on the infected area of the body and exterminate the cause of the infection. I was too ill to go out and purchase the antibiotics myself so I had to wait for a friend of mine to finally agree to looking for them and after some convincing they did me the favor but at first were hesitant to believe me that this would be helpful or healthy and legal for them to buy. That’s why it took so long for me to get better. I was quite a nuisance with my coughing that sounded like I was dying and after visiting the emergency room and being sent home with a prescription for robitussin I too was quite fed up with this never ending “sickness”. The countless number of sleepless nights and draining energy feverish and faucet like runny nose were only the least of my worries I thought I was for sure dying of pneumonia but couldn’t explain why the cough seemed so dry other than the cold dry air outside and pollutants maybe absorbing the moisture in my lungs from completely filling my lungs with fluid until suffocating me and ending my life. It was a friend of mine who asked me to watch a youtube video about the newest disease out called the coronavirus that was barely starting to threaten the health of US residents. That’s when I knew that I had just survived the coronavirus and just in time too. Right before the outbreak. I can’t even imagine where I contracted it from there’s so many possibilities but I’m thankful to be so healthy and well intune with my body to know exactly what my body needs to be cured and I’m thankful I’m not easily persuaded or brain washed by others not even authority figures or medical professiobals to mindlessly follow advice and rules and treatment they try to subject me to or convince me into misguidingly believing. I know myself in and out and nobody is going to tell me otherwise, I’ve proven to be right with my own intuition 100% of the time. I pride myself on being strong minded and strong willed. Do what you think is right for you always and you will never fail yourself by listening to outside sources, they might mean well but first of all they don’t know you like you know you and what works for them might not work for everyone. There are also those who mean to harm and divert you for their own benefit or gain. And then there are those who just don’t care enough to be thorough in gathering all information about you to come up with strategic and helpful advice for you though they mean no harm they also do unconscious harm by throwing out answers and solutions without having evidence to support their statemenr just to pacify you for the time being.

  • I would like to know all the symptoms of covid 19.

  • I believe I may have had the virus in late February. I ran a low grade fever for about 2 weeks. I also had nausea and vomiting. I had no appetite. I had the worse cough that lasted about 5 weeks. My fever then spiked to 101.6 for 2 days straight. This was in my 2nd week. After 2 weeks I started feeling better for about 3 days or so. All of a sudden I started feeling bad again. That was when my fever spiked. I lost 7lbs which was the only good thing that came out of this. I had never been sick for that long and I thought I would never stop coughing. Do you think I may have had Coved-19?

  • I also think I had already come down with the COVID-19. Just about the 2nd week of February, I though I had the flu, temperature of 101, body pain along with mucus not only in my nose but what felt like in my chest. I could hear myself wheezing, so much that it kept me awake. I have asthma, so I just took care of myself. I self quarantined myself in my room non-heatabable food (peanut butter, jelly, butter, dry cereal and plenty of water along with a not thermas for hot water to drink and to make tea. Had my daughter buy tussin DM (went through 2 bottles) slept a lot, showered and no RX medication until after I felt better which was 2 weeks later.?

  • I’m sure I had this in December, I can’t Waite till I can get a test without having to be sent home from work, so I can go to my health provider, then maybe they’ll send me for a test.

  • My daughter was very sick in March, fever 104, serious fatigue, vomiting, sore throat hurt to breath in the chest. Went to ER got 4 bags of fluid, stayed till fever dropped to 101, went home used hot air steam vaporizer for 3 weeks and fluids…Hospital called said tested pos for influenza B but needed follow up because they couldnt understand why her lungs were so inflammed… she finally recovered after 4 weeks, never did find out about the inflammation…I believe it was covid-19. She lives in Tampa FL…

  • In the very beginning of March it ran thru my family and neighbors. There is at least 6 of us who all had mild versions of all the symptoms. Three strongest and most irritable was the fever and lack of smell and taste. This week we started the symptoms all over just slightly milder than the first. So this can be beat and some are def more immune than others. That’s what they need to find out. The “why”

  • A month ago out of nowhere I woke up with my eyes swollen I went to doctors and found out I had pink eye in both eyes could I have had COVID-19.?

  • My neighbor had it tested positive. No symptoms. Tested p other than a fever. For 2 days. Tested positive e twice. One week after negative. No after effects. That’s was over a month ago

  • In mid January, 2020, I was extremely ill, very slight fever, chills, dry cough, runny nose, red rimmed eyes, aches & pains, headache & breathing difficulties.I called it the GRIP as it was once called yrs ago. I slept constantly & it took 2 wks or more for me to recuperate w no aftermath issues. Im 80 yrs old & to date feel fine. M wondering if i may have had Covid-19 & overcame it. Im n very good condition for my age & only take a 40 mg blood pressure med, nothing else, prior to January, ive hardly been ill.

  • I know i had the virus in late December.
    I was in bed all of January up into February.
    Was in bed 6 weeks very very ill.
    Started to feel better one day so i got up and cleaned around the house and later that evening got even sicker -back to bed- at times I didn’t think i was going to pull tbrew-
    When i was able to get out of bed i was sick for 3 weeks after.
    Head ache- eye pain-body aches-fever for weeks-chest pain & heaviness hard to breath for weeks-diarrhea-little tiny bumps like a rash that itch and still get them- still tired- still dont feel like a human being again.
    My age is 64

  • For got to mention- one of the worst symptoms was a very bad sore throat, it was swollen‘ hurt so bad i could not swallow-it was so bad i could not eat. It even hut to drink water felt but i drink a lot of lemon water i was always so thirsty from sweating all the time. Went to the doctor and told him i was so bad sick about 5 weeks into it and he said i had sludge or thick slime in my throat and it must be from drainage of my Sinuses but we didn’t know of any coronavirus at that time-my throat was very bad for weeks!

  • In December I had all the symptoms of COVID 19 including pink eye yet no fever
    Dr swore I had it. But just got results of blood test and I was negative for antibodies
    three doctors said I had some sort of virus but nothing showed up positive.
    Still wondering what I had. My wife too who caught it from granddaughter
    I never get sick and I am 68 years old but whatever I had hit me like a train and I was down for almost a month. Any comments??
    Thank you

  • Alfredo Ocampo

    (May 2, 2020 - 6:24 pm)

    Spiking febrile condition concomitant diarrhea, backaches, fatigue, loss of appetite and slight delirium. twice tested for the virus(rt PCR) a week apart taken.

  • On March 2 I went to work not feeling well. By 10 am I was sent home with a fever of 100.6.
    I was completely exhausted. The day before I had a dry cough. I had no other symptoms.
    After returning home from work I went straight to bed & woke up 5 hours later with chest pain, & having a hard time catching my breath.
    My husband called 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack.
    I did test positive for the Flu type A.
    I honestly think I had the COVID 19 virus .

  • I think I had it in January into February. I felt like I had pneumonia on a severe level on top of asthma attacks. I had just about blacked out or felt like I was going to because I couldn’t get enough oxygen! I was in the E.R. 7 times in 2 month with breathing issues and back pain in the center of my lungs. I was negative for the flu, pneumonia, (no fluid they said), but they said bronchitis. I’ve HAD bronchitis…that was SO much more!
    They gave me a breathing treatment 1st thing at the E.R. and prescribed a nebulizer, inhaler, a zpak and prednisone.
    All I had the energy to do was sleep and bed rest.
    My breathing has improved some..no treatments 5 times a day, but I’m still physically DRAINED and I can sleep round the clock!

  • I have COPD and am on a nebuluzer but today I have a temp of 100 and keep that hacking cough ugh

  • I have endured every one of these symptoms in mid January. I thank my lucky stars it wasn’t worse.

  • I was extremely sick over Christmas and into January…I had xrays done breathing treatment at the urgent care..lung were affected and I was given two inhalers and a z pak…I had a fever and the skin on my legs felt like something was crawling…my toes on my right food curled under a bit and I had an open sore one one toe….it took a good two weeks to get any energy back.the xrays showed one lung was looking like pneumonia… could it have been the virus?

  • As we enter the month of May here in Las Vegas temperatures begin to really heat things up.
    But late Nov. Early Dec. When everyone was coming down with what we thought was just a bad strain of the Influenza we are later now told that it was in fact the start of the Corona Virus

    I was indeed pretty sick with high temperatures and flu like symptoms but my bodies temperature is normally at 97.5 degrees every since I was just in the 1st grade when I’d got Scarlet Fever with its 107 to 109 degree temperatures for days landing you in the Hospital in a Bath tub full of ice.

    Being sick certainly isn’t any fun but how soon do we forget how sick we really was as we head into those nice warm summer nights

  • I have had a dry cough for over a month but as it’s being described for the virus but nothing else should I get checked out I’m 71 with BP Cholesterol and LBBB heart condition by the way I always cough when my allergy acts up and lots of sneezing

  • Shelia Thomisee

    (May 4, 2020 - 3:14 am)

    I believe my whole bunch, including myself, had it during Jan.-Feb. Not all of us had all the same symptoms, but we were all fatigued and had various boughts of diarrhea, some headaches, nausea, some fever…..but my grandson was the worst. He had the 100.4-100.7 temps off and on for two weeks, felt really bad, got checked for flu….Had already had shots, then Type A strain way before this other. We even called pur neatest ER one evening and the Nurse was SO RUDE, saying….”You can bring him but he will not be tested!” I went off. We did not take him to ER….we took him t his pediatrician the next day, they didn’t order test but gave RX of Amoxicillin. Three days later back to ped. Gave him Prednisolone, AZYTHROMIACIN!… THIS WAS THE 2nd week! FINALLY 3 DAYS LATER, HE WAS GETTING BETTER!

  • Kathleen Meyer

    (May 4, 2020 - 4:22 am)

    I went to the hospital about December thinking I was dying of a heart attack with stroke high blood pressure, diahhrea, terrible cough. They diagnosed it as bronchitis. That’s not what it is as!!!

  • Dísa Helgason

    (May 4, 2020 - 1:57 pm)

    I had it in early February. It took 3 weeks to get over it. I had all the symptoms as listed above. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t eat for 3 days. In and out of consciousness. Two antibiotics didn’t seem to help. Two Doctors visit and diagnosed me with an Upper Respiratory Infection. Of course they didn’t know what Covid-19 was here in the U.S. or didn’t expect it.

  • Dísa Helgason

    (May 4, 2020 - 1:58 pm)

    I had it in early February. It took 3 weeks to get over it. I had all the symptoms as listed above. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t eat for 3 days. In and out of consciousness. Two antibiotics didn’t seem to help. Two Doctors visit and diagnosed me with an Upper Respiratory Infection. Of course they didn’t know what Covid-19 was here in the U.S.

  • I’m almost positive I had the COVID-19
    I had pinkeye first.. my eyes were severely itchy, very red and swollen.. l tried clear eyes for two days with no relief! Called my doctor and had a video appointment with him.. He did say I had pinkeye and ordered a prescription.. That’s the only symptom I had while talking with him
    The next day I had diarrhea and my body felt heavy and weak.. I did some research on pinkeye and found many articles by doctors and the CDC they all mentioned pinkeye was a big possibility related to the Coronavirus
    Tomorrow I’ll call my doctor and request the test that determines if I have/had it
    Other than that I’m fine now

  • I believe I had it in November 2019. I had a dry cough fever and trouble breathing. I didn’t know what it was and thought it was just a bad cold it lasted 6 weeks and I felt exhausted. Wish there was a way to know for sure if it was COVID-19

  • Sabrina Cartee

    (May 5, 2020 - 11:55 pm)

    I know I had the CoVID19. It started on January 29th 2020.. I take an inhaler myself but I don’t normally have to have it but maybe 1 or 2 times every few months. On January 29 2020 I developed a cough that I thought was from not having my allergies medicine the two nights before. I had left it at home when I went out of town. I was around several inside dogs. So I just assumed it was that. I took my inhaler 3 times that day and 3 times the next day. On Friday, January 31st I made it home went straight to bed and I needed the inhaler constantly like really every hour. On Saturday I was needing it even more. I would take a shot of peppermint schnapps every hour instead very slowly for 2 days. Nothing while I took the shots i felt better just drained. It helped my cough but after a whole bottle gone. I THOUGHT it was gone. By night fall the cough was worse. I started the Hot Toddy every night for 4 nights. It seemed like it was gone. Then 2 weeks later it was back. It was heck to have it. I have never in my life felt like I was dieing

  • I have had a cough since Nov. 2018.
    Brought it up to stand in Dr. and he gave me allergy tabs (citirizine) and inhaler for my wheezing.
    I had AARDS in 1998 so with scarred lungs, it is possible to wheez rest of life.
    So had some symptoms back two years ago and sore throat but no fever that I know of. Also, they said Covid 19 caused AARDS.
    So would I have antibodies?
    Sometimes I can’t clear throat without inhaler.

  • I think I had it in feb. Went to dr after 2 wks, sounded terrible, chest hurt, couldnt cough anything up or blow anything. Dr gave me a steam breathing thing. My oxygen was in the lower 90’s. Went home with cough syrup, sick as before. Took forever to get well.

  • I’m positive I had it for at least 2 weeks in late February and early March. I slept most of each day when I would stop coughing. I would cough for a good 30 minutes at a time. They treated me for bronchitis.

  • I know I had it, but it was about 20th of Jan and before any covid was reported in CO so I hated to say anything. It started like a mild cold so I took Zicam for two days and symptoms seemed to go away so I didn’t take anymore. In the middle of that night I woke with a raging headache and feeling of a huge cold, I took two Alieve and layed back down but could really sleep as the dry cough was getting worse. By morning I felt like my head would explode, pressure on my chest like I was in a clamp or something. No diarrhea and not sick, but felt horrible. I got very hot took temp through the next several hours and it went to 102 at which time I really wondered about going to ER but afraid they might keep me. All the while realizing I had never been sick in this way before, ever! I was a little scared. I self quarantined for total of a week and a half and even after feeling better still stayed inside. I really want to know if I had Covid.

  • I believe it went through my house in Feb. 4 of us had a horrible cough that lasted weeks. We had fevers, headaches and body aches. My youngest daughter (age 6) had high temps up to 104 for 4-5 days. They tested her for influenza and strep and they both came back negative. Needless to say Feb was a sick month for us as each week had someone sick! I want to get the antibody test done!

  • I’m pretty convinced I had it too. In March. Catching it from my college daughter who said the entire school was sick with the same thing. I initially got a Very sore throat that got rapidly worse in a matter of a couple hours or better. Along with a severe burning in my chest. I also had a dry cough that immediately turned into congestion. I coughed up the weirdest textured phlegm (equivalent to a dry mud pie) as well as nasal congestion. The 2nd week I woke up with body aches that lasted for 1 day. Near end of 2nd week I got excruciating headaches for 2 days. I took advil liquigels for it. At that time my congestion was coming starting to turn clearer. But after taking the advils (hindsight) it started to get green again. I stopped taking the advils bc headache subsided. My congestion started getting clearer again. I continued to be congested for 2 more weeks at which it finally went away. I dont think that I had a fever during that whole time tho.

  • William Peyton

    (May 7, 2020 - 11:22 am)

    Felt like a bad cold , got over it in about three wks, had cough for a lot longer, this was at Christmas in 2019

  • I had my lung issue beginning 12//16/19. Have had pneumonia b-4 many times. This way worse. Couldn’t hardly breathe at all, temp 102 to 103, blood oxygen down to 89-90. Never this low b-4. Exhausteded all time…lasted to Jan. 25th. Did get help from a P.A….breathing treatments in office, Antibiotic scrip and Ventolin inhaler. 1st time IEver feltlike might not come thru it alive. I too would like tested to know if this was Covid19.

  • Octavia Garnett

    (May 7, 2020 - 6:44 pm)

    Myself and my niece went to a prompt care on December 27th. We were both diagnosed with the flu. I was better by January 1st. My niece relapsed and felt the same symptoms a week later. My husband then had to go to prompt care the first week of January. They gave him a flu test and diagnosed his as an upper respiratory infection. After returning from Christmas Break, many of my students were missing days of school with symptoms until CDC finally began closing the schools on March 16th.

  • I, too think I had this virus in Novembet 2019. Thanksgiving holiday I wad ill 2 wks thinking I had the flu. Worst was dry throat n stuffy nose mornings. I laid in bed the whole time as I’m 70 to conserve my energy. Still have morning sore throat. I always wear mask n gloves n a neat nik n germ phobic. I think very mild cases mimick the flu. Keep a strong body!

  • After reading this I have concluded, I have had it several times during the last few years, on and off of course ! People are funny creators, tell them about something and 1/3 will get it, 1/3 have had it and1/6 are sure they are going to get it ! Everybody smile and have a good day ! Oh doesn’t matter if you did or didn’t you are either alive or dead if you are reading this you are alive ( and hopefully well) ! Less each one of you now go live your lives and make today a great day!

  • I didn’t present any symptoms listed above the only one was on a Saturday morning at the ending of March I woke up and lost all sense of smell. I even tried to smell my face perfume and couldn’t smell a thing. I lost my sense of smell for 3 days and then it came back. There was no cold or anything that would explain the loss of smell. I wonder if it was covid.

  • I think I had the virus in February. I thought I had a bad sinus infection but I became so sick! Had a fever of 103 for 2days called my doctor n went to see him. He used 2 swabs in both my nostrils and said I had a bad virus. He wanted me to to the hospital because I have asthma n copd but I refused. He gave me a prescription of Azirhromycin for the possibility of pneumonia! I was really sick for 2 weeks! My body ached like never before!!

  • I had it, started with pink eye, conjunctivitis; then couldn’t cough, oxygen level was 75, and I was admitted into hospital with pneumonia!!! Thank god they had me on morphine drip, antibiotics and fluids!!! I’m on a c-pap, and they gave me respiratory problems!!! It was bad!

  • I was at Ohio state vetenary horse clinic January 28, 2020 and why were unloading our horse new reception area the woman with the clipboard said I needed to go across the street ro Ridgemount Methodist Hospital cause we can only treat animals here not humans an you look very very sick, totally delirious, could eat think straight an my daughter my our car keys an drove me back to 2 hrs to Cleveland stay home 3 days under two blankets before i started to get moving back to normal, they said they never seen anyone act like i did. I never get sick!

  • The only way to know for sure is to do the test for antibodies. My brother had it done and it showed he had antibodies for Covid-19

  • I know I had it. I had all the symptoms discribed. I got sick Christmas Eve. I had to sleep in my recliner because if I layed down I couldn’t breathe. The low grade fever, body aches, it felt like I had a heavy weight on my chest. The dry coughing constantly. No appetite no taste. I lost over 10 lbs. I started to get over it after a week. But still didn’t feel right very weak. After a month it came back. I went to the doctors and he said I had a severe upper respiratory infection. Put me on strong antibiotics and cough medicine with codeine. And it finally went away. But I still have issues with my breathing at times.

  • I have had Asthma my hole life. Possible COPD developed. I am a 43 yr old female. On New Year’s Day 2020 I had my fiancé bring me to the hospital. I was worse then I have been in a very long time. Barley could breath, very weak, aches in my legs, headaches. Was hospitalized for 5 days with a unknown virus ,Along with bronchitis. I Could not get my oxygen up over 80, nor was I strong enough to even walk to the bathroom. They gave me a portable toilet. I felt that I was going to die.I had my fiancé, and best friend stay the night with me. Not sure what meds they gave me but finally after the 5th day I was able to go home with out a oxygen machine, still a bit weak but I could walk to the bathroom. About 3 days after I returned home is when I started getting strength back.

  • I think my entire family had it at the end of December 1st part of January. We all got sick with diarrhea coughing and felt like we could not breathe. My arms and legs were so heavy it was difficult to walk. My wife had it my son had it my grandson had it in several of our close friends. We all had it at the same time. I had one of the very strongest flu shots available and one of the strongest pneumonia shots available in October.After testing for the flu it wasn’t the flu. We really didn’t know what it was. I went to the veterans hospital in Albuquerque, they tested my sputum. The results was a flu like virus but not the flu. One of my closest friends who was sick at the same time, has tested positive for the antibodies.

  • I was extremely sick from Jan through Feb of 2019,started with a dry cough,fever,body aches and heaviness feeling in my legs and shoulders,I have never been sicker in my life,it wasn’t the flu or cold.

  • Wayne Bumgarner

    (May 8, 2020 - 4:40 am)

    February for me too , 18 days , spent 64th birthday in bed , 2 rounds of Z packs , told it was acute Bronchitis! Didnt even read my daily TigerNet Feed ( Clemson Grad )

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