Which animals transmit the coronavirus?

A recent study found that cats can be infected with Covid-19, and can transmit the virus to other animals under laboratory conditions. In other domestic animals, the risk is lower.

To cuddle or not?

Researchers at the Harbin Veterinary Institute in China have found that coronavirus can be transmitted between cats. Domestic cats can also transmit the virus to other animals, but this is not easy, said Jualan Chen, a lead researcher in a study published in the bioRxiv magazine on March 31 this year.

No worries

But there is no need to panic among cat owners, because they are not contagious for a long time. However, owners of cats with chronic diseases, or the elderly, should temporarily restrict contact if the cats are free to leave the home. Healthy people should wash their hands after caressing them.

The dogs are safe

Unlike cats, the virus cannot be easily replicated in dogs, researchers say. Therefore, feel free to walk around and take care of your dog.

Who infects whom?

This domestic pig that roams the streets of Rome should not be afraid of dogs. And the dog does not need to be afraid of its tangled rival. Veterans claim that pigs are not considered a natural coronavirus reservoir.

Quarantine for weasels

In these mammals from the group Mustilida, the situation is different. Juan Chen also researched weasels and found that they also spread Covid-19, just like cats. The spread among animals occurs through respiratory droplets. The researchers found the virus in swabs taken from the larynx’s throat and nose, but found no lung infection.

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