Are the recovered coronavirus patients immune to the virus?

So far, more than 2,000,000 people in the world have been diagnosed with Covid-19. Are they now really immune to the virus? The WHO does not want to raise false hopes and is extremely reserved about the issue of immunity.

The hope of many at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic was: I may have already been infected with coronavirus without feeling any symptoms, or I may have had only mild symptoms as in the case of a cold, but now nothing what can happen to me. I’m immune now. Many patients who have recovered from the disease also hope for immunity.

But experts from the World Health Organization are lowering hopes. The director of the WHO’s emergency program, Michael Ryan, said in Geneva that it was still unclear whether the recovered patients from Covid-19 were really immune, and if so – how long the immunity lasted:

“A person who has a complete response to antibody immunity would be expected to be protected for a period of time. But we do not know how long that period of protection will last. We could expect adequate duration of protection, but it is very difficult to assess the new virus. In fact, we could only draw conclusions from experiences with other coronaviruses, but even so far it is only possible to a very limited extent. ”

Although the number of recovering patients is increasing day by day, so far their number has simply been too small. About 300,000 people in the world have recovered so far, says Maria van Kerkove, WHO’s technical director for Covid-19. An epidemiologist at an online news conference pointed to one of the first studies on the immune system of the recovering:

“There is a study published recently in Shanghai. This is a text that has not yet been reviewed by experts. Blood plasma from 175 patients was examined there. According to the research, there are such people with a strong reaction to antibodies, but whether that reaction really means immunity is another question. That’s something we really need to know better, namely – what the antibody response means in terms of immunity. ”

As soon as the WHO receives information about it, it will publish them, Van Kerkove assures. In translation: at the moment there is simply not enough knowledge about the immunity of recovering patients.

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