3 Crucial Things That I Do On A Daily Basis To Keep My Immune System And Health Strong

Keeping the immunity system strong these days is a crucial thing that we need to do. Everyone of us is trying to eat healthy, drink a lot of pills that contain vitamins, and wear protective mask and gloves.

However, I want to share my daily routine that keeps my healthy for I can say, a few years. I am not a person that eat healthy food all the time. I do mistakes, love fast food. However, what I am trying to do is everyday, eat fruit for breakfast and have salad along with my lunch. I usually skip dinner and drink wine.

So, the first thing is eat fruits and vegetables every day (i try).

The second thing is I drink a lot of water. With my morning coffee, I usually drink 500 ml of water (i drink from huge beer glass). after that I drink tea, and the breakfast of course. The important thing I am trying to say is that I drink a lot of water. If you have problem doing this, always take some big glass or bottle and that will make you achieve your goal.

The third thing is, I have this habit, I drink a few pills of vitamins and minerals. I drink these for so many years, and it looks like every time I stop drinking them, my immunity system goes down. However, I don’t remember that I had the season flu or any kind of flu for many years (high body temperature, what is that?).
These are the vitamins and minerals that I drink everyday:

– Calcium + Magnesium + Zink (one pill)

– Spirulina

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin B

To keep the habit of taking these vitamins every day, keep them in your kitchen where you can see them all the time, you will never forget your daily vitamin dose.

Please note that this combination and routine works for me. Every person is different story. But, we are all in this together. We have to stay safe and healthy.

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