Why soap and water work best in the fight against coronavirus and other diseases?

Here’s how this simple combination succeeds in destroying germs …

No matter what you’re probably tired of washing your hands with, you shouldn’t give up. The world relies on each of us to continue to do so in the fight against coronavirus. While washing your hands, you kill other bacteria and potential viruses.

And how simple things like soap and hot water and alcohol-based disinfectants kill these parasites?

What do soap and hot water do?

Under the microscope, coronaviruses are covered with spiky growths, so they look like a crown. Beneath the crown is the outer layer of the virus, which consists of lipids, which we often call fat.

Now remember what it is like to wash oily dishes with water only. When you try it, the fat stays on the dishes and you need a detergent to melt the fat, making the soap and alcohol very effective.

So washing the lumps, we destroy the outer layer of the virus, deactivating it so it can no longer penetrate human cells.

Soap molecules look like tiny sperm, with head and tail. The head is connected to the water for washing, but the tail is deterred because it is more suitable for oil and grease. Trying to escape the water, the tail of the soap acts on the outer layer of the virus and tries to penetrate it, and when it does, its inside spills into the soapy water and dies.

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