Lemonade and zinc – a drink you must consume during this period, and here’s why

If you have symptoms of corona virus or are simply scratching your throat because of an allergy or a common cold, experts advise you to get as much fluid into your body.

Fluids prevent dehydration of the body which can have serious health consequences. It is therefore advisable to constantly drink a little fluid such as water, tea, lemonade, soup, coffee, etc.

Why exactly lemonade?
Fresh lemonade is full of vitamin C, and it is this vitamin that successfully fights off all kinds of viruses, even coronavirus. The recommendation is to consume lemonade, but not cold! You can sweeten it with a little honey, and to enhance the taste, feel free to add some cinnamon.
Why zinc?

Zinc deficiency can cause a number of physiological changes and problems. Some studies show that dietary zinc intake can reduce mortality in children with acute lower respiratory tract infections.

Zinc-rich foods help maintain brain structures and general nervous system health. This mineral is important for the supply of insulin and boosts its function. The complex of zinc and insulin is found in the cells of the pancreas, and when the body lacks that element, there is a possibility of diabetes. Diabetics have been shown to have twice the amount of zinc than normal.
Unlike some substances, the body cannot store zinc, which means it needs daily intake. The human body contains about 2-3 grams of zinc. The recommended daily dose for women is 8 milligrams a day, and for men and pregnant women it is 11. Zinc intake in pregnancy positively affects the health of the baby’s brain.

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