I Quited Sugar For 7 Days And Lost 30 Pounds – Here’s the Plan!

These days, we are all familiar with the fact that sugar is number one enemy in our battle with obesity. That’s why, most of us are trying to avoid eating sugar and not include it in our diet.  It is also very bad for us who want to lose weight the fact that we can find sugar in almost every food we eat.  The worst part about the sugar is that it causes addiction. That’s why we suggest you to try our sugar detox diet plan that is proven as one of the best methods to lose weight and help you get rid of the sugar addiction. The diet menu is for 7 days and the amazing effect is losing up to 30 pounds (depending on the metabolism).

Most important: You need to know these things about sugar:

  • Sugar is highly addictive
  • It triggers the adrenal fatigue
  • It weakens the eyesight
  • It has no nutrition value
  • It may cause arthritis
  • It may engender gallstones
  • It may also weaken the immune system
  • It causes ulcers
  • It increases the risks of diabetes

This is the plan:


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