You Are Not Fat – Your Stomach Is Bloated (And How to Get Rid of It Fast!)

Have you ever felt like you’ve gained a lot of weight but you know that you were not eating unhealthy food? Well, that’s when the bloating is coming on stage. The big belly is not big because you gained weight, it is because you were eating wrong combinations of foods and that makes you feel a lot discomfort. Also, a reason for bloating may be also the eating foods that contain a lot of water or slow body digestion.

But why you are bloated?

If you don’t drink enough water may be the reason for your big bloated belly. You need to consider one very important rule – if you drink coffee and alcohol, make sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water as well.

Constipation – if you suffer from this very often problem of many people around the world, you need to know that you must add more fiber into your daily meals, that will speed up the process and get rid of bloating, because gasses are trapped behind the feces and they can cause bloating.

Also, stress can be the reason why your tummy is bloated. Try not to stress over small things and live the life like there is no tomorrow.

Don’t eat too fast – if you are one of those people that don’t chew their food properly, the body will process it more slowly and bloating may appear. Note: it is also very important for you to eat your food in small bites.

Carbs – you should also know that bloating can appear when you consume too much carbs. You can solve this problem easily by eating low-carb foods. It is also very important to replace the sugar and alcohol with vegetables and fruits. We really hope you will find this text very helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.



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