1600 Calorie Diet Plan – 7 Day Menu To Lose 10 Pounds Safely!

There are diets with different income when it comes to the daily calories. Some diets are very rigorous and some of them allows you to eat balanced food during the day. The 1600 calorie diet plan is one of the diets you gonna love.

The secret in this diet is that you need to eat everything on order as it is written. If you change the order of the foods or meals, the diet won’t be successful.

The allowed drinks are tea, coffee and green tea which will help you speed up your metabolism. and lose weight faster. In the 7 day period of the 1600 calorie diet, you have to combine meals from the list below,so the total amount of calories will be 1600 per day.

For example, start the day with cup of tea or coffee, then eat a plate with vegetables. You can continue with 1 glass of fruit milkshake. For lunch you can eat egg omelet with two whole wheat bread toasts. I cup of tea will be good again. Eat two egg whites and after that finish the day with one handful of dry fruits.

We really hope that this diet plan will help you lose weight because it is one of the most delicious diet plans and most lovable by the dietitians.

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