Find Out If You Have A Heart Problem In Just 30 Seconds

The human heart is so strong, so much that it can still beat even if it is removed from the body. For this reason, like many others, it is normal to care for his health.
Did you know that in just 30 seconds you can discover if you have a heart problem?
Follow the steps to find out how:

In a deep bowl, pour cold water so that it can round both hands. Put a few ice cubes in the water.

Put your hands in the bowl with ice water and ice and wait for 30 seconds to find out how your blood responds to cold.
Possible results could be:

1. Your hands will turn red and that is a good sign. Reddening your hands shows you have no problem with oxygen in the blood.
There is nothing wrong with your bloodstream.
2. If your fingers are pale, it may mean that you have a blood vessel problem.
The level of oxygen flow in the blood is not sufficient.

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