Best Health Secrets Every Woman Over 50 Should Know

Did you know that very often, women who are over 50 are thinking that whatever is happening to their health that might be related with some disease?

Well, we guess that comes with the age. However, we are here to proof that not every health related condition to women over 50 is pointing to something bad, or maybe, is pointing to something opposite that the first thought that comes to our mind.

  • The heart disease is what women over 50 need to worry about, not breast cancer

Most of the women that are over 50 are afraid that breast cancer is their biggest enemy (yes it is), but statistically, most if the women suffer from heart disease.

  • The heart attack is way more different shown on TV then it actually is in real life.

In the movies, a man touches his chest and immediately goes down to the floor – the typical heart attack. In real life, you will probably feel chest pain and discomfort, and more likely shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and back or jaw pain.

  • You have better chances to survive a heart attack if your heart doctor is a woman

A study shown that there is a better chance to survive a heart attack if there is a woman doctor in the emergency room.

  • If you exercise, you will lower you risk of getting dementia

Of course, this means that you also have to exercise before and after the age 50

  • If you are a morning person, you have less chances of getting breast cancer

If you are an early rises, the chances of getting this terrible disease are significantly lower then the person that sleeps a lot.

  • Add soy to your daily menu to get stronger bones

Yes, a strong bones is what every person over 50 needs, because the healing of the broken bone in the “late age” is more difficult then when you are younger.

  • You can benefit from low-salt diets

If you cut the salt from your diet, you can also help lowering the blood pressure.

  • Your sleeping position is important

If you sleep on the stomach or on side, you will have more wrinkles which can get worst with aging..



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