The Diet Plan That Made Me Lose 10 Pounds In A Week (No Starving)

The diet plan that made me lose 10 pounds in a week is actually a diet that I have invented on my own. It is a mixture of few diets that I have tried in the past and worked for me, but I haven’d had the results I expected. This combination helped me to slim down really fast and not starving at all.

I will write the whole plan so you will have idea what to do.

Please note that you have to drink more then 8 glasses of water daily.


2 pieces of fruit (the fruit needs to be the same)

1 cup of coffee

water- as much as you want


day 1: pasta with tomato sauce

day 2: meat (any kind) with salad

day 3: beans/peas/potatoes with salad

day 4: fruit/vegetables + nuts +  natural juice


50% of what you ate for lunch (half of the meal).

It is important that you need to avoid eating snacks and sweets. If you eat them, they will block your way to losing weight and the diet won’t be successful. Also, try not to check your weight every 2 days. Check it the first day you start the diet and the last day. That way you won’t make any pressure on yourself.

As for exercising, I exercised 2 times per week for 30 minutes early in the morning.

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