Lauren Pazienza Still Engaged? Why She Sent to the Jail?


 Lauren Pazienza  26-year-old Lauren Pazienza is an American event planner and she is from the United States. People are interested in finding out whether or not Lauren Pazienza has broken off her engagement. Read the article to learn more about Lauren Pazienza’s Why She Sent to jail, How She Become a Criminal as well as to find out whether or not she is still engaged.

Lauren Pazienza: Is She Still Dating?

American event planner Lauren Pazienza is 26 years old. The internet only contains a little less data about her. Later, this website will provide more of her personal information. She was recently detained in connection with a contentious matter. People are now interested in finding out if she is still engaged or not.

Naveen Pereira and Lauren Pazienza got married in June of this year after getting engaged. The incident had no impact on her personal life, and she is still engaged. To learn more about her husband and other information, keep reading the story.

Husband of Lauren Pazienza

The sources on the website the sun state that Lauren Pazienza is not currently married. She is engaged to Microsoft consultant Naveen Pereira, with whom she is in a relationship. June has been set aside for the wedding. About her fiance, nothing further is known. To learn more about her family, keep reading the article.

Family of Lauren Pazienza

The information on the website current in Bollywood state that Lauren Pazienza was born to Caroline and Daniel Pazienza (mother). Her father owns and runs a successful cesspool company in Holtsville that has previously garnered accolades for customer satisfaction and value in Suffolk County. After a heated discussion, Barbara Eastern, a well-known singing instructor in New York City, passed away.

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Why was Lauren Pazienza Sent to the Jail?

Lauren Pazienza (born 1995, age 26) is an American criminal, culprit, and murderer. She was featured in media discussions and publications after she savagely assaulted and slammed an 87-year-old woman named Barbara Gustern to death. She was unknown to everyone prior to this tragedy because she was enjoying a normal life in New York.

But an occurrence on the 10th of March 2022 night changed her life. She is currently incarcerated at the notorious Rikers Island Prison. Her trial is still ongoing as of May 2022, and the judges have yet to provide a decision.

Lauren is a young woman who murdered 87-year-old Barbara Gustern, a well-known Broadway singing coach in New York. This entire incident occurred on a sidewalk in Chelsea, where Lauren killed Barbara Gustern.

Lauren hid in her parents’ home after viciously pushing Barbara Gustern on March 10, 2022, and was apprehended by authorities a few days later. Barbara Gustern was injured and taken to the hospital on March 10th night after being hit. She was certified dead five days later, on March 15, 2022.

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In the most recent hearing during Lauren’s trial, judge Felicia Mennin ordered Lauren to be held without bail due to a flight risk. She spent her first night at Rikers Island Prison on May 10, 2022, when a court granted her bail on the charges of murdering Barbara Gustern. She has also filed an apology letter.

Lauren Pazienza asked the jury not to find her guilty of first-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault. If she is found guilty on the final day of her trial, she could face up to 25 years in prison.


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