His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 5 & 6: Is His Dark Material a Spin Off of Golden Compass?


A fantasy drama television show called His Dark Materials is based on the Philip Pullman trilogy of books of the same name. For BBC One and HBO, with HBO handling worldwide distribution, it is produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Productions.

The books of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy include The Subtle Knife (1997), The Amber Spyglass, and Northern Lights (1995; The Golden Compass in North America) (2000).

The program centers on the Dafne Keen-played orphan Lyra as she seeks for a missing friend and unearths an abduction scheme involving an imperceptible cosmic material called Dust.

The eight-episode first season debuted on BBC One in the United Kingdom on November 3 and on HBO in the United States and other markets on November 4, respectively.

The second season’s seven episodes debuted on November 8, 2020, in the UK, and November 16, 2020, in the US. The third and final season of the eight-episode show debuted on HBO on December 5, 2022, and is scheduled to air in the UK on December 18. Reviews for the first and second seasons were mostly favorable.

Quick Facts About the Series

Series His Dark Materials
No. of Seasons 3
Upcoming  Episode Season 3(ep. 5 $ 6)
Genre Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy
OTT Platform  BBC One
Country of Origin United States,  United Kingdom
Release Date December 19, 2022

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 5 & 6 Release Date

As said by BBC, the expected date of His Dark Materials release is December 19 at around 9 PM and 11 PM. We say again that this is a partial one; we will surely update the date and time once an official notice is released.

Premiere Day in Different Zone

British Summer Time 2:30 AM; Mon, 19 Dec 2022
Pacific Daylight Time 19:00; Mon, 19 Dec 2022
Central Standard Time 21:00; Mon, 19 Dec 2022
Eastern Standard Time 9:30 PM; Mon 19 Dec 2022
Australian Central Time 12:00; Mon, 19 Dec 2022

About the Storyline

A little orphan girl is the main character of His Dark Materials. The tale is a creative piece of fiction appropriate for both adults and children. The little orphan girl inhabits a universe that is mostly woven with magic, science, and theology. The girl looks for a friend of hers who was abducted.

But as she continued her research, she discovered that some enigmatic phenomena are known as “Dust.” The little girl, Lyra, soon starts hanging out with a boy, and it seems like she learns the truth about her parents at that point. A war soon begins to assault them both.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episodes Recap

Although the fantasy television series His Dark Materials is enjoyable, it has discouraged me from reading the series books. A female is unique, and I’m sure there’s more to it that’s sophisticated, intellectual, and profound, but the formula is getting so old at this point.

She has therefore been chosen! There are hints that an event is coming. When most individuals would require years of effort to become proficient with the McGuffin, she has an intuitive ability for wielding it. Even though she has only spoken to them for four minutes and hasn’t revealed anything particularly significant, many people are already prepared to fight and even die for her.

His Dark Materials Season 3

What’s worse, there’s also a special boy. issues involving one’s father! extraordinarily so. McGuffin is a part of his particular magic (the single most significant and distinctive object in the known universe, according to those who have visited only a handful of the apparently infinite number of planets).

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No offense is intended to the fans or the story, both of which have merit regardless of the media. Since the story may have existed before the advent of messianic figures and “chosen ones” in the fantasy genre, if you insist on using them, I advise making them enormous as Robert Jordan did.

Rating For The Series

Additionally, IMDb has given the show a 7.8 out of 10 ratings. Check out what reviewers before you had to say about it if you’re still unsure about watching it.

Where to Watch the Series

Disney+, Hotstar, and Hulu are just a few of the SVOD services where you may watch seasons 1 and 2. We must ascertain whether this drama series is accessible in our nation because the accessibility of this drama series on web platforms varies by place. We must determine if this drama series is available in our nation because the availability of it on internet platforms differs by location.

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His Dark Materials Season 3 Episodes 5 & 6 Trailer

No, there is no trailer for His Dark Materials Season 3 Episodes 5 and 6. Keep checking back to our page as we’ll keep you informed of any updates regarding His Dark Materials Season 3


His Dark Materials is based on the Philip Pullman trilogy of books of the same name. The program centers on orphan Lyra as she seeks a missing friend and unearths an abduction scheme. The story is a work of imaginative fiction that may be enjoyed by both adults and children. His Dark Material is an adaptation of Philip Pullman’s NORTHERN LIGHTS.

Above, we discuss His Dark Materials Episode 5, 6  release date, cast, story, etc. The third and fourth Episodes of His dark material will air on 19 December 2022 mentioned above, and if you haven’t watched the other previous episode of The His Dark Materials then I recommend you do so.

Frequently Asked  Questions

1. Which Ott Platforms Provide His Dark Materials?

The presentation Disney+Hotstar has made available His Dark Material.

2. Which Languages Are Available for the His Dark Materials Television Series?

The sole version of His Dark Materials is in English.

3. Does His Dark Materials Have a Real-life Basis?

Dark Material is a trilogy of novels rather than a factual story.

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