Who was Anil Bheem? What Happened To Him?|Career| Wife| Death


The death of Anil Bheem  was the leader of BMRZ BAND and their main singer. Trinidad and Tobago’s Anil Bheem was a well-known Play Back singer. People are more interested in what happened when Anil Bheem died. This article tells us what happened when Anil Bheem died.

What was Anil Bheem?

Anil Bheem was a well-known singer and radio host who was known as Anil “The Vocalist” on the air. He died when he was 48 years old. In addition to his work as a singer and RJ, Anil Bheem was the Leader and Creator of The BMRZ Empire. In the 1990s, Anil was known for hosting the most popular Indian show in the country, Chutney Train, on Saturday mornings. Even though Anil Bheem is a well-known singer and musician, he does not have a bio on Wikipedia. Cheryl Bheem and Anil Bheem got married.

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Anil Bheem Passed Away

Anil “The Vocalist” Bheem, a singer and DJ from Trinidad and Tobago, died on February 4, 2023. He was 48 years old. His mother Prematee, his wife Cheryl, and his daughters Neelun and Prithivi are still alive. “With heavy hearts,” the station’s post said, “we tell you that our beloved Anil Bheem died this morning.” This is what Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday says. “This is more than shocking, and we are still trying to figure out what it means,” it said. “His 103.1FM family sends their deepest condolences to his wife Cheryl, daughters, family, friends, coworkers in the business, and many fans.”

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What Happened To Anil Bheem?

The internet is full of tributes to Anil Bheem after radio station 103.1FM said on Facebook that he had died. Anil Bheem was a well-known singer and radio host who was known as Anil “The Vocalist” Bheem on the air. He died at the age of 48. Anil was the founder and leader of The BMRZ Empire. He also sang and did RJ. In the 1990s, Anil Bheem’s Saturday morning show, Chutney Train, was the most popular Indian show in the United States. Find out more about his family and how much money he has in this article.

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How Did Anil Bheem Die?

On February 4, 2023, Radio station 103.1 FM posted on Facebook that Anil Bheem had died. The Trinidad Express says that the singer died after performing twice before Carnival.

In a Facebook post at about 6:20 a.m., the singer’s boss, 103.1fm, said that he was dead. Even though the real reason Bheem died has not yet been reported in the news.

Fans and people who went to his concerts think that he may have lost his heart because he became lifeless after them. Before he died, the Vocalist worked at an event in Chaguanas and then at the Rig Restaurant in La Romaine for 103.1fm Fenomenal Fridays.

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Who is the Wife of Anil Bheem?

Anil has done his best to keep his family out of the public eye. Because of this, there isn’t much known about his family. Prematee Bheem is the name of his mother. The day before her son died, she changed her profile picture on Facebook to one of the two of them. Since then, friends and supporters have left more than 500 comments and almost 800 reactions to show their sadness. Cheryl Bheem, Anil’s wife, used to work with him at 103.1FM Trinidad & Tobago. She went to school at the Institute of Tertiary Tutors and now lives in Valsayn, which is close to Port of Spain. They have two daughters. Neelun and Prithivi are their names.

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